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Hometown: Lexington, KY     Tree: Douglas Fir
Weather: Cloudy & Chilly     Dancer: Ann Reinking, Vera Ellen

Alright so, here's my character arc: When I was young, I adored the athleticism of dance. The technique; the sets of skills & goals & ideal images to attain and perfect. And while there's certainly beauty in that, when perfection is your chief aim, (and what does perfection even mean anyway?), you’ll always find yourself coming up short.

But luckily, that’s when Theatre came into my life & shook everything all around! It was my Junior year at the University of Alabama; the Theatre department was doing A Chorus Line; Dance Majors were allowed to audition, and I soon found myself standing onstage playing Kristine every night with tears in my eyes during "What I Did for Love". 
THIS was it.
THIS was everything that had been missing for me. Dance is  so so much more than perfect lines and flawless technique...  It's storytelling, it's art, it's human.

From then on, the flood gates were opened and a fire was started in me that can never be quenched, (cheesy I know). But I love to perform, I adore it. And honestly, I never feel more myself than when I’m working on a show. 

So nowadays, all I wanna do is make art. When I’m not performing, I love drawing, doing outdoor things (the more trees the better), & choreographing little ditties with my friends. :-)
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